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 jeni williams is.....

Since arriving in 1992 Jeni has been busy singing, writing and playing in her music in an original, neo soul style that reminds you of progressive rock. Her music is an alternative to your general soul drawer, it's more.


With the band "Jeni Williams Group"  Jeni was able to erase the boundaries of soul and rock by writing with musicians that individually had rock, pop and jazz influences.


Mix that together with the experience of learning to sing in the gospel choir of a baptist church and the CD "addictive" was created. Rock, funk and soul music with a message.  The band "black bohemia" have been principal in creating the second feature Cd: "Jeni's Joint".  An alternative neo soul project that features elements of funk, rock, jazz and soul with Jeni's unmistakeable "soul roar". Playing concerts and festivals throughout Germany and shows by request.


From 2009 through 2010 Jeni starred as "Margie"  in her first German language theater piece "Ray Charles" produced for Kempf Theater in Grünwald, Germany. 


The party band "beat street" introduced her to Hubert Tubbs formerly of  "Tower of Power" and the alps of Austria. From 2002 through 2012  one could see the mountains or a bed of snow while listening to alternative funk and R&B.  Lots of parties, Firmen Fests, Festivals and snow! 


The newest and latest project is with "black bohemia". An "Acoustic-Neo-Soul-Set" with band members interpreting the latest CD "Jeni's Joint" including other rare 70's-80's-90's soul, alternative rock and funk with only acoustic instruments.

More info to come.......

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